Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I've been trying hard to not let the fact I have triplets plus one hold me back.  I want to try and do the same things I would do if I only had one or two kids.  I realized we hadn't taken the kids to the beach at all this summer.  So we decided to pack up and head to Hollister for the weekend.  It was the best decision.  The kids LOVED it, even though it was a little cold.  

I always nap the kids in separate rooms at home.  They sleep so much better without a playmate in the same room.  But at night, Cruz and Kash sleep together in the same room every night.  So...while we were in Hollister I napped them in separate rooms.  Since all the pack-n-plays were already in separate rooms I just decided to sleep them in different rooms at night as well.  I put Kash down last.  As I was walking to his room his bottom lip started quivering.  He kept saying he wanted Cruz.  I tried to distract him and talk about something else.  He finally laid down and acted like he was going to go to sleep.  Within a minute after closing his door he started crying.  I went in and asked him what was wrong.  He said he was scared and needed Cruz.  It was the cutest thing.  I really wanted them to sleep separate since they sleep so much better so I was just patting his back hoping he would settle down.  I took him out and got him a drink and tried putting him back to sleep.  Well, he wasn't having it.  He kept asking for Cruz.  So I gave in.  I went in Cruz's room and told him that Kash needed him.  I asked him if he wanted to go sleep with Kash and he immediately jumped up and said yes.  As I was gathering all of Cruz's stuff he ran into Kash's room and put his hands up against his pack-n-play.  Kash put his hands on Cruz's.  Cruz said, "Kash, you need me?"  And Kash said, "Yea, I need you Cruz."  Oh my gosh!  It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Trey has increased his vocabulary SO much this past month.  He started saying "I want some", "I want that", "I want this", "help me", "I can't", "more", "pwease" (please), "sank you" (thank you), "mommy", "daddy", "too too" (choo choo), "Paw Trol" (Paw Patrol), "Let's Bwaze" (Let's Blaze), "doggy", etc.  I love hearing his little voice.  His winning/screaming has gone down a lot since he can semi-tell me what he needs/wants.   
Visiting Baba
 Baba and Kash
Casa de Fruta! 
I just love their little bond. 

 I told Julie to make a funny face and this is what I got..  haha! 

 Julie & Daddy

 He doesn't love being dirty.

 These pics are exactly 1 year apart. Look how much her hair has grown!

 Every time a wave would crash in, Trey would sit down.  He LOVED it, even though it was freezing! 

 Waiting for the waves to come!

 Holding hands and watching a movie while we packed up the car. 
 These two and their cute little ring fingers. 
Miss Julie started dance this month.  She's slowly warming up to it.  She keeps asking for Cruz and Kash EVERY time.  Hopefully it's helping her break out of her comfort zone and try something new. 
 Telling Daddy all about her day.  :)
 Julie and I took a quick trip to Utah for my nephews baptism!  Such a perfect weekend with family!
 I missed these boys so much while I was gone. 
 Celebrating Alex's birthday!! 
 Julie was obsessed with Olivia! 
 Kisses for Mama. 

 Alex's baptism was absolutely perfect!  
 My mom. Her daughters. And our daughters. 

 Flying home! 
 Target trip with these hooligans.
 That side pony kills me. 
 She was a little sad she didn't get a hat.  Looks like I'll have to buy 4 of everything now.
"Look Mommy, I got you a flower."  :)
 Potty training began at the end of the month.  The boys are doing AWESOME!  They stay dry all day.  I still put a diaper on them at night...but I'm sure that'll come soon once I cut off liquids earlier at night.  They still poop in their undies every once in a while, but they are getting it.  Julie on the other hand...  She had never ONCE peed in the toilet before this month.  She doesn't mind sitting on the toilet, but has never felt the sensation of peeing on her own.  After literally 2 hours of sitting watching a show - SHE PEED!!!!  She was so excited for herself!!  The next day she peed 3 times.  I'm still not super confident that she'll stay dry, so I'm still using pull ups.  But she has actually surprised me and done pretty well.  She must have a large bladder because she can hold it so long and then pees a ton at once.  We are almost there!   

My mom and dad came to town to help with potty training.  I took my mom (and Curtis) out to a little High Fitness event.  If you haven't tried High Fitness - you should!  Such a fun workout!