Saturday, October 14, 2017


This summer has been so fun!  My kids are finally water safe so we have been living at the pool.  Clovis is SO DANG HOT, but if you're at the pool or inside it's great. 
Took these four crazies to our old babysitters wedding reception.  Pure chaos. 
Snapchat filter for the win.  So dang cute.
Cara and I crashed Tiffany's 4th of July HIGH.  She's amazing!
I thought my kids would LOVE the 4th of July this year...not so much.  We had FOUR whinny kids all day and left after two minute of fireworks.  Crossing my fingers for next year.  I LOVE fireworks.

Julie and Scarlett twinning. 
First attempt at a family pic with a selfie stick haha!
Took these four to see Despicable Me 3 and they did AMAZING!  Thank goodness for popcorn.  And Diet Coke.  
This kid always wakes up in the morning before the others and comes and climbs in bed with me.  This time he fell back asleep.
These three were spotlighted in Primary.  It was the cutest thing watching them talk about their favorite things - superheroes, transformers, and the Book of Mormon.
Love my crew!
I found the triplets at 3 AM eating suckers with an empty bag of Oreos, Cutco scissors and a Cutco knife...stabbing holes in the wall!  Then the next morning Julie brings out a bag of melted popsicles from her room...dragging behind her melted juice everywhere!  Awesome.  Little stinkers! 
Our friends have THE most AMAZING pool!  My kids are OBSESSED!!  And yay for no floaties!!

Waiting for me to get out of the shower.
It's so hot here, the only time we can survive at the park is either early in the morning (not happening) or right before bed!
She's crazy.  
Took Julie on a train ride to Hanford with some friends for ice cream.  It was so fun to have some one on one time. 

Our ice cream was bigger than her head.
Friends from work! 

Her dimples are the best!
And of course a little HIGH session with Shannon and Anica.   I love that Curtis comes with me. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Pool day everyday.  They are doing so good swimming without floaties.  Trey is a little behind the CKJ but he's still pretty independent in the water.  So fun to see them learn new things. 
Our first GB3 Saturday HIGH Fitness class was a success! 

Crazy kids.
Family Home Evening - we went are heart attacked our best friends house and made them cookies.  :)

Outside HIGH night with friends. 

Feeding the horses in our neighborhood.
Crashing Shannon's class with friends. 
Looked back to find them holding hands.  Sweetest thing!
Taking them to the pool is a lot of work, but SO much easier than last year.  Having only one in diapers is AMAZING! Can't wait to be diaper free next summer. 
Emma decided to join us at the pool!  They were so excited to have her come and watch them swim.
Pure JOY on this kids face.  He LOVES the water. 
Happiest kid ever. 
Feeding the giraffe at the zoo.

I love having a zoo so close by!
The best group of girls!

My best friend out here - Janessa - moved to Texas at the end if June  :(  We are so SAD to see them go.  Janessa came into my life at the exact moment I needed her.  We had just moved to Clovis and didn't know a soul.  I was scared that I wouldn't meet any friends with 3 little newborns at home.  The Parker's welcomed us into their family with open arms.  Janessa has been there for me since the beginning - whether it was late night vent sessions, a shoulder to cry on, playing games and laughing till we cried, girls nights out to keep us sane, pushing me to get HIGH certified and supporting us all the way. This girl was my rock out in Clovis and I'm so sad she moved to Texas!  I'm also excited for them and can't wait to visit asap! 
Farewell HIGH
All the Clovis HIGH instructors.
First huge goose egg!
Crashing Anica's class.
Casa de Fruta with Grandma!

A train, carousel, ducks, turtles, peacocks, and GRANDMA make for FOUR happy kiddos!
Pointing at Grandma being funny to try and make them smile. 
The sweetest thing!
Green beans. 

Made a trip to Vegas for the Miss Nevada pageant.
Kenny's girlfriend Drea won MISS NEVADA!!  Such an awesome night!
Getting HIGH together. :)
Cruz, Kash and Julie wouldn't get up to sing for Father's Day...but of course little Trey runs up there on his own even though he's not in primary yet haha...
The boys finally went up since daddy was up there (he had to speak in church). 
I knew he'd be a great dadd, but he's exceeded all my expectations!  He's our problem solver, fixer upper, hug giver, dance party thrower, and makes us laugh till our cheeks hurt!  
Saying her prayers.
Showing me their huge muscles.

Birthday HIGH for Tyson with friends and family. 
Our favorite missionary came back to Clovis for a visit. 
Cute little stink.

Muscles at McDonalds.  This boy pointed to Cruz and Kash and said - "Look, it's twins."  They said, "We're not TWINS!  We're TRIPLETS!"  :)  So funny. 
Our biggest supporters!!  
Girls night out before Janessa left for Texas!
My kids are sure going to miss their best friends Lucy and Penelope. 
The kids can jump in and swim all the way to the stairs on their own.  It's amazing!