Tuesday, February 28, 2017


November photo dump.
Miss Julie stopped and said, "Mommy, I found a flower for you." It was the sweetest thing.
Daddy let them ride their bikes without shoes...  ;)
Curtis and I took these 6 monkeys to Playland.

Their poses crack me up. 
Potty training triplets and actually getting out of the house means you bring the potty chair everywhere you go.
Fresno Fair! 

Zoo day!

Oh man..
Some employee at the zoo offered to take a picture for us.  She said, "I think I got it."  Haha!  I was dying! 

Her curls are amazing. 

They woke up asking to go to the circus, so we went to Costco and got churros.  Pretty much the same  thing, right?
He's obsessed with marbles. 
I put out some Christmas decorations and within a couple hours I was down 6 ornaments.  I swear trey thought it was baseball season or something. 
My dad said he'll bring earplugs next time he comes.  Haha! 

Took all the kiddos to see Moana.  Cutest movie.  And they did so good!
Trey giving Moana hugs.