Saturday, October 28, 2017


Making bread with Grandma.
One of my friends since preschool - Amber - came over to visit with her kids.  So great catching up!
My cousin Catherine got married in San Francisco. So pretty!
Before and after haircuts.  :)
When you're kids take 3+ hour naps you know you're going to have a late bedtime.  We headed to the trampoline park to burn off some energy!

Their first baseball gloves!  I can't wait to watch them play.
" this pumpkin for trick-or-treating or for the Holy Ghost?"  hahahaha..
Little model kid! 

Wonder Woman!
Had kiddos ready for bed at 5pm tonight.  You do what ya gotta do when hubby's out of town. 

So excited Janessa decided to come to town for a few days!!  We miss her!
I love to hear their little conversations. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Our friends gave CKJ gift cards to Disneyland for their birthday back in April.  I never really thought we would go this year, but I had heard really good things about Mickey's Halloween party, so we decided to take the trip!  I had really low expectations for my kids.  They have a hard time waiting in line for popcorn at the movies, let alone a long line for a ride at Disneyland.  They also don't love big characters.  We went to Chick-Fil-A recently and Cruz and Kash totally freaked when they saw the huge cow come out to say hi.  LOL.  Let me just tell you - it was the most AMAZING experience EVER!  Seriously!! My mom, Tyler, Jamie and the kids were able to join us - which made it that much better!  
The Halloween party went from 6pm-11pm, but you were able to enter the park 3 hours earlier.  We drove down to Palmdale the night before and stayed the night, then drove into LA Wednesday morning.  We met up with Tyler and Jamie for lunch then got to the park right at 3pm.  My kids were SO excited to have friends with them.  Julie immediately was attached to Olivia's hip and I swear Trey never left Drew's side.  I had been showing my kids pictures of Disneyland all week so they were so excited to finally be there.  
The Halloween party is definitely the way to go!  There were no lines, everyone is dressed up in costume (my kids couldn't tell the difference between real charters and just people dressed up as characters), there's trick or treating and tons of candy/snacks for the kids, awesome parades, fireworks, etc.  It was the best!  Definitely going back next year!
 First timers to the happiest place on earth.
 He was a little nervous on the Safari ride.  
Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.  It's actually a really scary ride for little kids.  I don't recommend it for four year olds.  My kids were crying the whole time.  My brother mentioned something about a crocodile in the water and Trey started crying.  He seriously still talks about the crocodile at Disneyland weeks later.  Haha. They shook off the first ride and had a blast on all the other rides. 

I love these people more than anything!  I miss them so much!
 Her face tells everything.  It really is magical there!

 Dumbo with Daddy.

 My kids didn't take naps and literally had zero meltdowns!  The only time I heard someone whine was when Cruz couldn't find his skittles.  Having family there was a game changer too.  My kids had SO much fun with their cousins.  They were just in awe of the whole experience.  

 Space Mountain.
 Watching the fireworks.

 I really wanted to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie...but they were getting ready for the last parade of the night and unavailable.  We didn't really see many characters all day (which may have been a good thing seeing how my boys reacted to the Chick-Fil-A cow) so we decided to take pictures with random people in costume. Haha!  My kids were super excited to meet Ironman.  

Random people started lining up behind us to take pictures with the princesses haha!
Oh man.  I will never forget our first trip to Disneyland!  Completely unforgettable.  We left the park close to midnight and they all still had smiles from ear to ear (except Trey was knocked out). 


Cruz, Kash and Julie had their 4 year check up recently...and Trey had his 3 year check up.  My pediatricians office wouldn't let me schedule all four at the same time (which is SO LAME) since this visit was a little longer and included hearing, vision, and immunizations.  So I had to take two on one day, and two on the next day.  It was miserable.  You have to wait so long in the waiting room, then wait to be seen by the doctor, then have crying kiddos...and do it all again the next day.  I took Cruz and Kash the first day.  Cruz got his immunizations first and Kash watched the whole thing.  He was so upset that Cruz was crying from the shots.  He felt so bad for him and kept telling the nurse to stop.  And then after it was over he realized he was next and was hysterical.  Oh man.  I don't know what I was thinking!  I should have taken Kash out of the room for Cruz's shots, but I was solo...  Ugh.  I felt so bad for them.  And then the nurse forgot their flu shots, so she had to go back and get one more shot each.  Worst thing ever. 
While Cruz was getting his check up the Dr. was checking his tummy and back.  Then he pulled down his pants to look at his parts and bum to make sure everything was ok.  Cruz looks at me like, "What the heck is he doing?"  Kash was next and Cruz came and sat on my lap.  He looks at me and says, "Mommy, he looked at my pee pee."  I said, "I know, he was just making sure everything was ok." Cruz - "Is he going to look at Kash's pee pee?"  Me - "Yea."  Cruz - "So...can I look at his pee pee?" hahahahahahaha... I was dying!!   We had a talk later about private parts.  LOL.
Height - 43in
Weight - 39lb 8oz
This kid can be the happiest kid one minute and a little stinker the next.  His favorite color is green and favorite superhero is Superman.  He still LOVES his tan blanket and occasionally sucks his ring finger when he's tired.  He loves to hit his siblings...but then he's the first one to think of them and not want anyone to be left out.  He loves to read books and play trains.  He's turned into such a good swimmer this summer and hasn't worn floats since.  He says his best friend is Kash and mommy which melts my heart.  He prays for Kash every night when we say family prayer.  Whenever I leave he always asks for 5 hugs and 5 kisses before I go.  We just love this little dude.  #babyA
Height - 42.75in
Weight - 38lb
This kid has the most tender heart.  He still loves to cuddle and wants me to sit next to him all the time.  He notices when I wear a new dress and tells me how pretty it is.  He'll tell his siblings how much he loves them.  Whenever he does something wrong he always says sorry.  If I ever get mad at him he makes me say sorry too haha..  His favorite color is red and his favorite superhero is Batman.  He still LOVES his blue blanket and occasionally sucks his ring finger when he's tired.  He's a good little swimmer like his siblings and absolutely loves the water park.  He can be a stinker sometimes and loves to wrestle with his bothers.  We love you!  #babyB
Height - 42in
Weight - 38lb
This girl cracks me up.  She's turned into a little hoarder and keeps things in her closet.  Last night I found her backpack in there stuffed with two boxes of Oreos and a package of squeezable applesauce.    She loves when I read to her and won't let one night go without reminding me to say prayers and read our scriptures together.  This girl could live in her swimsuit and go swimming everyday.  She's amazing and can swim down to the bottom for toys and come back up on her own.  She rarely wears goggles at the pool but won't take them off when we are home.  She's a great mix of girly girl and tomboy.  She loves to have her toenails painted pink but would definitely pick Wonder Woman or Power Rangers over Cinderella.  She's my independent one and we all just love her.  #babyC
Height - 41.75in
Weight - 37lb
This kid is too much.  He seriously laughs and smiles all day with his occasional screaming tantrum.  He has the best dance moves.  Ever.  He has grown so much this past year and is learning a ton.  He is the epitome of a mama's boy and I kind of love it.  He is still OBSESSED with his blanket and won't go to sleep without sucking on it.  He's a pretty tough kid and can take a beating from his sibling.  He's getting a lot stronger now though and is starting to fight back.  His favorite toy is the marble run and could sit there for hours.  He's a little fish like his siblings and is floaty free!  He totally thinks he's a triplet and has to be doing whatever they are.  He says his best friend is Kash, but tomorrow it will probably be Cruz.  We adore this kid.  #singleton

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This summer has been so fun.  Crazy still, but fun.  Cruz, Kash and Julie started preschool with Mrs. Wendy and have been loving every second.  I love hearing their little alphabet songs and seeing them learn new things.  It also gives me a couple hours with just Trey at home, which is so nice too. 
 This little stinker is a closet hoarder...literally.  She takes random things and hides them in her coset.  Our keys, my wallet, a box of Oreos, an entire bag of popsicles, my shoes, a flashlight, etc.  Cruz, Kash and Julie still wear pull-ups at night and if she pees, she'll take it off and put it in the closet and go put a new one on.  I was on the phone with my mom telling her about it as I checked to see what she had hiding in there and found and entire tub of Koo-Aid with a glass of water and Kool-Aid EVERYWHERE.  Oh em gee!  I don't think I've ever bought Kool-Aid in my life, but Curtis happened to buy some the night before.  Little Miss Independent must have gotten thirsty in the middle of the night and tried to make some haha. You're killing me Julie! 

 How they feel about summer coming to an end. It's been a great one!

 Girls night for some ice-cream. 
I told them we were going to Grandma's house on they asked, "Is it Friday yet?" ALLLLL week. 
 They LOVE Grandma's house.
 Took a trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  It was so fun!  We got to ride a few rides then play on the beach for a couple hours.  It's no Newport, but a close 2nd place. 
 His first real rollercoaster.  He was freaking out by the end. 

 We always hit up Casa de Fruta when we go to Hollister.  It's such a cute place.  A train ride, carousel, peacocks, turtles, ducks, etc.  They love it!
 One of my best friends Jen came with us with her kids too!

 Digging for treasure!
 Church in Hollister at the same church building I went to growing up. 
 Cavity FREE!  I took all four to the dentist by myself.  I was a little worried how it would go, but they did great.  Our dentist is amazing and scheduled all FOUR kids at the same time.  We took up all the chairs but we were in and out in 30 minutes.  It was awesome. It's the little things that help out so much when you have triplets plus one. 
 Cruz: Kash tummy has marshmallows on it!"

I put Julie to bed at 8:00pm with her jammies on...and at 10:45pm I saw her light on.  I walk in and find her underneath her bed with her Power Ranger costume on. She cracks me up. 
 I hurt my foot in July. I thought it would just heal with rest.  I didn't work out while we were in Newport, but it was still killing me.  I think walking on the beach didn't help much.  I finally went in to an Orthopedic doctor to get an X-ray and found out I had a stress fracture.  Noooooo!  I left the appointment in a boot for the next 6 weeks.  Worst thing ever.  
 These are the pics I get when I'm at work and Curtis is home with the kids.  #wherestrey

Ahhhhh first day of preschool with Mrs. Wendy.  Can't wait to watch them grow this year.
 Trey was pissed he couldn't go.  And he was mad he didn't get a big backpack, so we gave him one of our old ones.  Lol.
 Her hair is AMAZING.  It's finally recovering from her horrible haircut a few months ago.  It's still super uneven in the back, but at least it's growing.  I absolutely love her curls.  I'm still learning how to manage them.  I hope she always loves them as much as I do. 

  Post swimming hair. 
 Took a trip down to Palmdale for one of Curtis' friends wedding.  We stayed at my brothers house for the night.  Now they keep asking for their cousins! They were all SO cute together. 
 Curtis and his best friend Joe.
 Cruz and his girlfriend Addi.  :)
 Little twinners.
 These boys and their ring fingers.  So funny.

 Best buds.
 Oh I love them!