Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Cruz, Kash and Julie had their 4 year check up recently...and Trey had his 3 year check up.  My pediatricians office wouldn't let me schedule all four at the same time (which is SO LAME) since this visit was a little longer and included hearing, vision, and immunizations.  So I had to take two on one day, and two on the next day.  It was miserable.  You have to wait so long in the waiting room, then wait to be seen by the doctor, then have crying kiddos...and do it all again the next day.  I took Cruz and Kash the first day.  Cruz got his immunizations first and Kash watched the whole thing.  He was so upset that Cruz was crying from the shots.  He felt so bad for him and kept telling the nurse to stop.  And then after it was over he realized he was next and was hysterical.  Oh man.  I don't know what I was thinking!  I should have taken Kash out of the room for Cruz's shots, but I was solo...  Ugh.  I felt so bad for them.  And then the nurse forgot their flu shots, so she had to go back and get one more shot each.  Worst thing ever. 
While Cruz was getting his check up the Dr. was checking his tummy and back.  Then he pulled down his pants to look at his parts and bum to make sure everything was ok.  Cruz looks at me like, "What the heck is he doing?"  Kash was next and Cruz came and sat on my lap.  He looks at me and says, "Mommy, he looked at my pee pee."  I said, "I know, he was just making sure everything was ok." Cruz - "Is he going to look at Kash's pee pee?"  Me - "Yea."  Cruz - "So...can I look at his pee pee?" hahahahahahaha... I was dying!!   We had a talk later about private parts.  LOL.
Height - 43in
Weight - 39lb 8oz
This kid can be the happiest kid one minute and a little stinker the next.  His favorite color is green and favorite superhero is Superman.  He still LOVES his tan blanket and occasionally sucks his ring finger when he's tired.  He loves to hit his siblings...but then he's the first one to think of them and not want anyone to be left out.  He loves to read books and play trains.  He's turned into such a good swimmer this summer and hasn't worn floats since.  He says his best friend is Kash and mommy which melts my heart.  He prays for Kash every night when we say family prayer.  Whenever I leave he always asks for 5 hugs and 5 kisses before I go.  We just love this little dude.  #babyA
Height - 42.75in
Weight - 38lb
This kid has the most tender heart.  He still loves to cuddle and wants me to sit next to him all the time.  He notices when I wear a new dress and tells me how pretty it is.  He'll tell his siblings how much he loves them.  Whenever he does something wrong he always says sorry.  If I ever get mad at him he makes me say sorry too haha..  His favorite color is red and his favorite superhero is Batman.  He still LOVES his blue blanket and occasionally sucks his ring finger when he's tired.  He's a good little swimmer like his siblings and absolutely loves the water park.  He can be a stinker sometimes and loves to wrestle with his bothers.  We love you!  #babyB
Height - 42in
Weight - 38lb
This girl cracks me up.  She's turned into a little hoarder and keeps things in her closet.  Last night I found her backpack in there stuffed with two boxes of Oreos and a package of squeezable applesauce.    She loves when I read to her and won't let one night go without reminding me to say prayers and read our scriptures together.  This girl could live in her swimsuit and go swimming everyday.  She's amazing and can swim down to the bottom for toys and come back up on her own.  She rarely wears goggles at the pool but won't take them off when we are home.  She's a great mix of girly girl and tomboy.  She loves to have her toenails painted pink but would definitely pick Wonder Woman or Power Rangers over Cinderella.  She's my independent one and we all just love her.  #babyC
Height - 41.75in
Weight - 37lb
This kid is too much.  He seriously laughs and smiles all day with his occasional screaming tantrum.  He has the best dance moves.  Ever.  He has grown so much this past year and is learning a ton.  He is the epitome of a mama's boy and I kind of love it.  He is still OBSESSED with his blanket and won't go to sleep without sucking on it.  He's a pretty tough kid and can take a beating from his sibling.  He's getting a lot stronger now though and is starting to fight back.  His favorite toy is the marble run and could sit there for hours.  He's a little fish like his siblings and is floaty free!  He totally thinks he's a triplet and has to be doing whatever they are.  He says his best friend is Kash, but tomorrow it will probably be Cruz.  We adore this kid.  #singleton

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