Friday, December 14, 2018


I'm really trying harder to spend some one on one time with my kiddos.  I try to take one out with me at least once a week - whether it be an actual date night for ice cream, or just a trip to the store solo.  They have been LOVING it.  Although, Cruz and Kash can't wait to get back to each other and tell them all about their night out. 
This little boy and his pup. 

Kash got to take home the class pet - Danny the Dog.
Date night with my main squeeze - Kash.  He chose In & Out - which is bizarre because we never eat there.  But he loved it.

Slightly excited about the water balloon fight that's about to go down!
He stopped napping once the trio stopped napping.  I feel like he still needs one, but it was impossible to put him down when he knew the other three were up.
His little girlfriend Addi. She'sj ust the cutest thing.

Post High Glow.
Swim party at the indoor pool at the gym.

Hot tubbing with their favorite friend - Jack.
Cruz: know what my favorite part is?
Jack: What?
Cruz: That you came over.

That's what I call a good day. 
Cruz's turn with the class pet Danny.
My whole world. They truly make me a better person.  They see the joy in the smallest things.  They forgive quick and forget even quicker.  They tell me how much they love me on an hourly basis and I love it!  Motherhood is so dang hard but the absolute best. 

Kash attempting the running man.

I hope this picture makes their wedding video someday.
Goggles on kids are my absolute fav1  A swim cap is a close second.  These kiddos have taken off in the swimming department this summer.  They are getting so safe. I'm SO glad we splurged last summer and did swimming lessons for all four.  They have retained so much.
Cutest little buns.
I'm trying to protect her hair this summer! 
Just living her best life.

He's wiped out any day we go swimming - even though there's three other LOUD kids running around.  No clue how he can sleep through it all.
Julie and her doggy poop bag that she refused to let go. 

Giving kisses before bed.  It was the cutest thing! 
Julie's turn with Danny! 

I mean...really?  I die.

I totally spaced picture day at school this year.  Their teacher said not to worry about it because they had outfits and accessories that they put on the kids.  I was dying when I saw these pictures!!  I love how they took a triplet picture!!



 Little miss.

Went went to a cherry farm to pick cherries with friends.  They all loved it.

Oh man...I can just imagine this little girl as a teenager some day.  Geez, we are in trouble.

Treasuring these moments.  They don't fall asleep on me very often anymore.

Husband/Wife HIGH today.  We got lucky with the best friends here in Clovis. 
Getting ready for the 4th of July with our red, white and blue gear. 

Trey and his blanket.  He never goes anywhere without it - and there's always a huge chunk in his mouth.