Friday, February 9, 2018

Cleo Madison

If you know me, you know I'm all about comfort.  I basically live in leggings because A. they're comfortable and B. they're practical when you're chasing 4 kids around all day.   Since I can't wear leggings to church I found the next best thing.  This skirt from Cleo Madison is so comfy and cute with just the right amount of stretch to run around with my four kiddos.  Go check out Cleo Madison for all your modest style needs - super affordable and really great items. 
Attempting a picture lol!

Oh how I love these crazy kiddos.  

I'm slightly obsessed with this little girl.  She brings the sweetest little spirit into our crazy home. She tells me everyday how much she loves me and she always lets me know how much she's going to miss me when she goes to school.  Melts my heart daily!  She definitely moves to the beat of her own drum and I love her for it.  


Anyone else's kids bug each other NONSTOP?  They wrestle, laugh, bug, tease each other ALLLL day.  Then they run to me crying about it...and are back playing again 3 seconds later.

Cruz and Kash are obsessed with their friend Jack's old Halloween costumes.  They went over to his house for a playdate and haven't stopped talking about them since.  Jack was kind enough to let the boys borrow them.  This dragon costume is a size 2T so it fits him SO tight haha.  He put it on and wanted to wear it in the car, to Cafe Rio, and then asked if he could sleep with it at night.  So funny! 
BYU vs Fresno State game!
Bugging each other again!
and again...
and again!
I can't get enough of these faces!
Teaching HIGH with my girl Angie.

I'm obsessed with Christmas jammies - especially footsie jammies!  Lol.  

A little 80s HIGH for an amazing cause. 
No naps equals falling asleep at 5:30pm on the couch.
My sweet friend Eliane made this sign for us. I LOVE it.

Hiking The Pinnacles with grandma and Lieren.

I remember at my baby shower we passed around a calendar to guess when the triplets would be born. Baba (my grandmother) guessed her birthday - April 9th - and she was right!!  They were born on her 93rd birthday.  She's now 97 and still stronger than ever. Treasuring these moments we get to spend with her...even if Trey set off her Life Alert button as we were leaving! Baba kept yelling, "False alarm!  Don't come!"  Oh man. A memory I will never forget. 

Thanksgiving with our favorite Hawaiian cousins!
So thankful for this family of mine. 

Preschool party. 
Found out Miss Julie needs glasses.  She failed her 4 year old vision exam.  Turns out she's near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. 
When sissy is SO over her brothers.  Lol!