Saturday, October 6, 2018

Cruz, Kash & Julie's ::FIFTH:: Birthday

I swore I was not going to go all out for their 5th birthday party...but then I started making one thing, and that led to another...and then I rationalized that it was for THREE kids...and before I knew it I was making a little boat with hammer and nails and had a full blown Moana party.  They absolutely loved it! 
Gosh, I love my crew!
Real life.
The cutest little 5 year olds.
Trey thinks he's one of them, so he had to join in.

How cute are these cookies my friend Jackie made?!  Go follow her on Instagram @crane.creates.  She's AMAZING.
I found the cardboard FIVE letters at JoAnn's.  I ended up painting them white and then added some Mod Podge to the bottom half and sprinkling sand on them to go with the Moana theme.

I was going to do a little tutorial on this Moana boat, but I'm no pro.  I found all the supplies at Hobby Lobby and had some small nails at home.  You could just glue the wooden sticks down, but I found using nails worked better for support. 
Little Kakamora's.  
I found the DIY on Etsy.  But you had to print out the popcorn tins, then cut them out one by one, fold, glue together, glue on arms, fill with popcorn.  Super cute, but not worth the time in my opinion. 
Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes/boats for the adults.


I was going to do some luau food - but decided to go with pizza instead haha.  It was a hit. 


The all LOVED swimming together!  And it was so nice having the mess somewhere other than my house. 
They had smiles from ear to ear all night.  It was all worth it.