Saturday, November 3, 2018


I'm so behind on the blogging/journal life - so I've resorted to these monthly photo dumps until I can get caught up. 
Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's! 

Cousins. THE BEST!

Lia cracks us up!
I forgot to dye Easter eggs with the kids - so we did it Sunday night after the hunt lol.  
Visiting Baba!  So awesome to know their Great Grandma.
The hardest working hands I know.

Our favorite place - Casa de Fruta. 

Love spending time with cousins!
The kids have been asking to go bowling FOREVER!  I don't even think they really knew what bowling was until we got there - but we had a blast!
ZOO DAY!  I love that Fresno has a pretty awesome zoo.

Cruz and Kash were obsessed with their little cousin Amelia. 

Thank goodness she had two hands. They would not let them go! 
He kills me.

Julie & Cody

Baby Skylar came to visit!!  The cutest little stinker. 
They sure love Tyson.
The CUTEST shirts from my friend Jackie. 
Date night to Dave & Busters.  
Cutest little trio.

He really is THE best dog.
Before & after haircuts.
Trey officially passed up Julie.  He's huge!  It's crazy how they're all almost the exact same size. 

I think they're lacking in the personality department.  jk
She loves horses.  Every time we drive by she asks to stop.
She cracks me up.

That hair tho.

I'm so glad that little embryo split and gave me two of them.